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Daughter. Sister. Wife.
Queen. Mother. Warrior.
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Game of Thrones Quote → Anne Boleyn
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I want to be the queen: Anne spoke her mind and was quick tempered. Henry could enjoy her vivacity, their political debates but her manners, too outspoken, weren’t attractive as a queen, and even unacceptable. Anne was very jealous, she didn’t want Henry to have mistresses. The whole court could hear their arguments. Henry was a man of his time, he needed a meek wife. He disliked the fact she talked so openly. Why she couldn’t turn her eyes, like Catherine?But Anne wasn’t Catherine. She wanted to be the equal of Henry because she was ambitious, but also because she was ahead of her time. 

On the other hand, is it not strange that the King’s Majesty was in so little space rid of his three queens?

Anne Boleyn in every scene ever

Happiness is the one thing we queens can never have.


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Queen Anne Boleyn + Queen Elizabeth Tudor

A dominum factum est illud, et est mirabile in oculis notris.